Stick DE3

The STICK range has been designed to offer the perfect lighting control solution for any environment. DMX data messages are sent directly from the STICK to a DMX compatible power supply (sometimes called a ‘DMX Driver’). The power supply listens to the DMX messages and supplies the power to the lighting fixture. For example, an LED strip may use a 24 volt DMX power supply. The DMX messages are then passed on to the next lighting fixture or DMX driver.




  • Flat wall mounted lighting controller
  • State of the art design and technology
  • Ideal for LED, RGB and DMX lighting
  • Stand alone touch sensitive control panel
  • 128 to 1024 DMX OUT channels
  • USB connection for easy programming
  • iPhone, iPad, Android applications
  • Ethernet RJ45 connection and synchronization
  • Unlimited memory via SDCARD
  • Integrated clock/calendar
  • 8 Ports, RS232, Infra Red
  • Internet Design Center for customization


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